Why Back Office?

All projects are managed by well-trained managers who have hours of experience in working for global companies. We allocate project to best of the talent to bring out perfection in each of our work products.

We assure 100% transparency in all projects. We will send project schedule in advance, and you will get access to project time sheet/progress sheet. You have the option to manage entire project online. You will get project update daily or per the frequency set.

You can agree for one time cost for each project (fixed amount) or per hourly basis with expected output. We have the time management system internally, and you can access hourly progress of the project.

Each project will be assigned one work room where you can interact with the Account Managerabout the work in progress. You can stop the work any time without causing any cost to you.

There are multiple options for funding the project. The project milestone can be funded via wire transfer, or PayPal or credit card. We treat the advance amount deposited with us as if it is in an escrow account. The deposited amount will be appropriated with the invoice once you are satisfied with the work product.

Weask for specific project expectations while scheduling the project and will make best of our efforts to understand the nuances of the same. You can save considerable amount of time and money by engaging our services.