We have standard rates for all clients. We serve clients across the globe, and there is no geographical boundary to take up projects. Our prices are competitive, and we send invoices for the actual services delivered. We send estimate for each project while scheduling the project and get your consent. We do not have any special rate for any client but everything has been standardized to improve the trust upon the entire process.

We take project both on fixed and hourly rate mode. Fixed price mode helps to ensure that costs do not escalate out of control. In case of hourly projects, we will have an agreed hourly output to help control of invoicing. At any point the progress of a project can be viewed through our project progress tool.

We assure enormous savings in time and moneywith our unique speed of delivery and swift action, Wetake up projects even with minimum one hour duration to encourage small and medium firms to avail our services.

We do not provide any on-site services. We send invoice in US$, AUD, Sterling Pounds and Euros. We accept PayPal payment as well as wire transfer. Soon the work is delivered to your satisfaction, you can demand for invoice by clicking a button and make payment thereafter.