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We capture client’s needs by asking right questions and listen more. Our team always looks for the ways to amaze you with our excellent services. And we are so sure of our work, and proud to say “pay once the work product is delivered”

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Pay once the work product is delivered
All disputed sorted out by third parties engaged by us.
Also a member of Internet Arbitration - www.net-arb.com with an option to go for arbitration

We support multiple/d flexible delivery models. Such flexibility lets our clients begin the outsourcing process gradually, and then iteratively redefine the scope of the project until the proper level of control is achieved.

Our three delivery models are briefly described below.

1. Project to Project

Pricing is based on the complexity of the project and the turnaround time. Billing Cycle - Fortnightly/On completion of project whichever is earlier.

2. Full time Employee Option

Dedicated full time employee for 160 hours per month Billing Cycle - Fortnightly

3. Shared Service similar to Captive model

Billing Cycle – Fortnightly Greater control over processes

We are open to perform a pilot project before rolling out full project. Once the buyer is comfortable with result of outsourcing, they can gradually expand the scope and scale of outsourcing. One can always easily increase the functions or volumes outsourced in order to realize fuller benefit of outsourcing.

Every key project is carefully documented and reviewed at regular intervals. Doing so allows DART to provide exceptional service and quality levels to our clients. We strive to tailor our processes to the needs of each client in order to quickly achieve the stated business goals in a cost-effective manner. Project deliverables are always defined in advance to avoid misunderstanding.