Easy Payment Terms

Hiring our Back office is easy as well as making payment. We have a mechanism to protect the interest of both parties. We treat the advance amount depositedwith us as equivalent to escrow deposit. Clientsneed to deposit advance amount with us based on the engagement terms, and such amount will be appropriated with invoice upon satisfactory completion of the project. This amount will be available for refund, in case the client is not satisfied with the final deliverable.

We agree to abide by the decision of www.net-arb.com , globally accepted Internet Arbitration forum,if any dispute arises.This forum works without any geographical jurisdictionand we agree to avail the services of this arbitration bodybefore moving to any jurisdictional legal authority.

Our commitment to agree for www.net-arb.com, as our arbitrator, has been mentioned in our Non-disclosure agreement. This agreement can be downloaded from client log in page, and need to be signed before assigning any project to us. In addition to the above, we have our Internal Dispute Forum which is managed by a third partyto advise both parties before going for arbitration.Thus, there is no fear of losing your money on account of unsatisfactory work you can make safe payment as we progress with the project.